Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy 66th Anniversary Granddad and Grandmother!!!

Today is the 66th Wedding Anniversary of my Granddad and Grandmother McHan! The fact that they have been married for more than two and a half times my life so far is still mind-boggling to me. The fact that they are still completely in love with one another is even more so!

They have taught me so much over the years and always been my biggest supporters; I don’t know what I would have done without them. Their stories make up so much of my story, their love mine, their faith mine. When they had their first child they sat down and talked about what the most important things were they wanted to pass on to their children—faith topped the list. And they have continued that through three generations.

They were ‘tickled pink’ when I told them I was going to seminary, and even more-so when I told them I was moving to Norway. Whenever I go off on one of my adventures my Grandaddy always says, ‘well, we’ll hold until you get back—Lord willin’ and the cricks don’t rise.’

One of the things I miss the most being away from my family is the story-telling that surrounds the family dinner table, for sitting down around the McHan Family Dinner Table, no matter the occasion, IS an occasion. Multiply a McHan and we only get louder; put a whole room together and the sound is deafening. There is so much love around that table and sent out from that table—we all know when we are gone that we will be named and held in prayer before the rest of the McHan’s gathered ‘back your ears and dive in!’ I can’t wait to sit around that dinner table again.

Grandaddy & Grandmother, Congratulations on 66 years of Marriage today! ‘Lord willin’ and the cricks don’t rise’ I’ll see you in six months. Until then, ‘I love you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck.’

Granddaughter Elizabeth
aka—Granddad’s Little Heater

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